Mobile App Kickstarter

Deployed: April 5, 2020 Mobile App Kickstarter


I want to build a mobile app for you to get my live streams, 24/7 live chat, match codes, promo codes, Skillz strategies, and downloads to Skillz games all in one place! You’ll also receive push notifications when I go live with new match codes.

Right now you have to watch my live streams on YouTube, get the match codes from, then download the games from a different page on You’re going back and forth from app to app. That’s all going to change with this mobile app! We’re taking the live stream from YouTube and adding it to in the next week or 2. That new live stream will include a 24/7 live chat feature as well. Similar to the one on Cube Cube.

You can help me build this by pledging on the official Kickstarter page!


Since it’s an All or nothing kickstarter, this project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Tue, May 5 2020 1:55 PM UTC +00:00.

Every little bit helps, even $1!

Watch my Kickstarter video to learn more about rewards and how to back my project.