Win Codes by Playing Mikey's Mini Math Game

Updated: April 16, 2020 (Deployed: April 11, 2020)

Update 2020-04-16: new updated post with the latest features has been deployed.

Update 2020-04-14: users decided to vote on a timer increase from 200ms to 300ms; also added custom messages to distinguish expired timer from wrong choice.



Solve simple math as quickly as you can. Reach at least Level 6 and the game is guaranteed to drop a random Skillz Match Code from the latest codes generated by Mikey.


You have 200ms (2 seconds) 300ms (3 seconds) to act each turn.

The Score is just for vanity.

Since the drops are random, the same code can drop multiple times.

You can replay as much as you like, until you collect all the event codes or until you become a math genius!

Vote on Games

Join Mikey on his livestream to vote your preferred game.

You can find the Skillz games associated with each code on the Skillz Match Codes page.


To start hunting for code drops, start playing Mikey’s Mini Math Game right now!