MMM Game Version 2 Update

Updated: April 17, 2020 (Deployed: April 16, 2020) MMM Game Version 2 Update

Update 2020-04-17: added game clock and specified server timezone.

Mikey’s Mini Math Game v2 Change Log

In this version:

- increased timer from 200ms to 300ms
- added the code stash feature 
- fail results are now displayed on the next screen for transparency
- codes will now auto refresh each day (5/day)
- codes are valid for 7 days
- each round the code drop level is reset [4, 5, 6+]
- each round the stash drop score is reset [100 - 150]

Skillz Match Codes

Each day Mikey will activate 5 new event codes, one per game.

It’s easy to find which game the code is for by looking for the [BST, CC, DG, SC, SEB] letters or the ending number:

Game Drops

The game will drop each code at random levels:

Reach Level 6 to get a guaranteed drop.

Note that since the drop is random, codes can repeat.

The Stash

If you reach Level 10 you could get the ultimate drop in one single run: all 5 codes for the day!

This can drop within this Score range: 100 - 150 Points, so keep going as far as you can to increase your chances.

Codes Expiry & Reset

Codes have a validity of 7 days, so they will expire in 1 week.

Codes will reset daily at 00:00 UTC GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time).

If you missed today’s codes you will have the option to purchase them in a future site update, as soon as the store is deployed.


To start hunting for code drops, start playing Mikey’s Mini Math Game right now!