eSportsMedium Live Community

Deployed: May 7, 2020 eSportsMedium Live Community

The Big Announcement

This is it guys, Mikey now has his own dedicated video & live streaming platform!

While it’s arguably impossible to directly compete with giants like Twitch, this is not the main goal. We just wanted to build our own community infrastructure away from all that noise.

Everything on this server is based on open-source software and is in a BETA state of active development. Although this state will remain this way for the forseeable future, that also means that it will receive regular updates and exciting features all the time!


Currently features are limited for new users. Only Mikey can decide who can upload videos, live stream or record live streams.

This is a deliberate decision due to the fact that bandwidth is limited and so is storage and other server resources. We are still figuring things out and it’s natural to take things one step at a time.

However, if you consider your content or ideas might be helpful for the development of this early state of the community just get in touch with Mikey.

The Bugs

Whenever you can find something that you think is broken just kindly report it to the devs. That way you are contributing to this community and helping us build it together!

Devs: Contact Modurist Team via email.

Report things in a civil undemanding manner while keeping in mind that Youtube still has bugs today, after 15 years of existance. eSportsMedium has a handful of devs and a fraction of the budget.

Registration is Now Open!

The eSportsMedium LIVE Community awaits: create your free account right now and you won’t miss the next live stream and any of Mikey’s Skillz Match Codes!