How To Make Money Playing Skillz Games

Deployed: August 9, 2019 How To Make Money Playing Skillz Games

Note: some of the information contained in this post may be outdated.

My name is Mikey Slice and I’m from Detroit Michigan. I’m going to show you how to make money playing Skillz games. $1,000+ every month to be exact. I started playing Skillz games in January 2015. Since then I’ve made over $20,000 from Skillz. Recently I’ve been able to make $1,000 every month without ever making a deposit. This post is going to tell you all about how it started. As well as how you can do the same thing too!

How it started

It all started when I saw an ad on Facebook with a guy holding a check for $10,000 on top of a jet ski. I’ll never forget how much of a scam I thought this was. But I clicked on it anyways. It took me to a bowling game known now as Strike! eSports Bowling. I entered my email address and when it asked for my password, I didn’t use my usual password. Since I thought they might be phishing for people to use the same password as their email address.

After I created my account I started playing for Z’s and I was winning. I wasn’t as good as I am at bowling in real life. But I was pretty good on my phone.

I was curious and went to the store to make a deposit. It didn’t look very legit. The store said that players have won over $1,000,000 in prizes. If that’s the case, why have I never heard of them before today? So, I went back to playing for Z’s. I won 10 practice matches and they gave me $2 in Skillz bonus cash to play with. So, I played some cash matches. It took me a few days before I lost that $2, but I had fun.

I was browsing the menu when I saw “Invite friends and earn bonus cash.” I clicked the link in the menu. It said, “Get $50 when a friend makes their first deposit.” I was like that’s neat, but I don’t have friends…

I went back to the store to make my deposit again after reading the, too good to be true, invite a friend page. When I was there, I saw an “enter promo code” button. I then went to Google and typed in “Strike Skillz promo code.” The first result was a YouTube video of some Twitch streamer hosting a sponsored event for Skillz. The video showed his promo code. I then looked some more about the Skillz platform on Google. There wasn’t anything about Skillz other than this video of this Twitch streamer bowling.

Now I’m super convinced this is a scam and no way am I putting money on here. But I was still curious if the $50 promotion was legit. I made my own YouTube video with my Skillz promo code on it. It looked awful. If I saw this video there’s no way, I would make a deposit, but a week later, someone used my code on their first deposit. Then a week later another one, and another one a couple weeks later. I ended up making $200 in withdraws. But, no check in the mail. They said it was going to take 4-6 weeks before I got my check. SCAM ALERT!

The First Check

Exactly 6 weeks later I got my first check for about $20. Then 6 weeks later I got another check for $50. Then when I got my final checks that totaled $200. I was convinced I could place in the Pro League. So, I deposited $100 to get there. I think I placed in the top 10. However, I ended up losing money. I was still ahead $100 though! A free game on my phone gained me more than $100 in profit the first year. Awesome! I was using gaming to fuel my gaming addiction. Goodbye Clash of Clans, and hello Skillz Bowling!

By January the following year Skillz got smart and stopped the $50 promotion. Therefore, knocked it down to $10 per referral. Now it was time to get creative. I took a course on Udemy on how to build a website earlier in the year.

Therefore, I built the website to try to rank above the YouTube video for the Google search term “Skillz promo code.” 6 months later I was #1 on Google. So, I thought I was golden for the rest of my life. I was making $1,600 every month no problem. All I had to do was play for less than 1 hour a day. Life was good! I got lazy and just played the games, instead of pushing to maintain the #1 spot on Google. I held the #1 spot for over 2 years then I lost it to the coupon websites. However, my YouTube video’s for Skillz promo codes were still ranking in Google search. I had to fight to get back to #1, I’m still fighting today. But I see it coming soon. That’s why I’m writing this post for you.

Even if you don’t play Skillz games, but want to make money blogging online instead, this post is for you. If you want to just play these games and not worry about building a YouTube channel, or website, it’s still possible. But it’s going to cost you more money. I’m going to tell you everything I had to do to get where I’m at today in order to make $1,000 per month every month with less than 8 hours of work per week.

Skillz Refer A Friend Program

As you know there’s the refer a friend program where if your friend makes a deposit for the first time on a Skillz game and uses your code you’ll both get $10 in Skillz bonus cash. If you have a smartphone and a Gmail account, then you have everything you need to make your first YouTube video to start promoting that code!

It’s not going to look as good as if you were to go out and buy a decent camera and microphone, but it will be there. Starting is the most important part. I started out with my laptop webcam and its microphone for my first video. Then I upgraded to a Logitech C920 camera and a Blue Yeti microphone. It’ll cost you less than $200 for the pair.

In order to record your video, you’re going to need to download Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). That will record your videos for you for FREE. All you must do is tell it which device you’d like it to use to record the video and audio and hit start recording! OBS gives you a lot of options, so you can go all out by hiring someone to make you some custom graphics to make your videos look more appealing. Anytime I need to hire someone to do something I don’t know how to do I go straight to Fiverr. Below is a list of stuff I’ve ordered from Fiverr for both my YouTube Channel and my website.

Fiverr Gigs I’ve Purchased

Fiverr is awesome I use them a lot as you can see. But was designed by Modurist. They also created the Mikey Slice logo. You can hire them by going here. Let them know Mikey Slice sent you.

Skillz Affiliate Program

Did you know that Skillz has an affiliate program too? An affiliate program is when you agree to put links on your website or YouTube channel for a company. If that link leads to a new sale that company will give you a cut of the transaction. Right now, they do their affiliate program through Rakuten Marketing.

I got a private invite to the program, so I get $2 per install and 40% of the deposits of those new installs for the first 90 days they’re playing. The public offer that you can apply for is $1.50 per install and 35% of the deposits. It’s not that big of a difference, but if you already are an established “influencer” you may be able to get more than I do. An influencer is someone who has a large following on social media like Twitch, YouTube, Instagram etc. Sign up for the affiliate program by creating an account on Rakuten Marketing here. Once finished search for Skillz Inc. in the advertiser section and apply!

Skillz games are free. So, getting $1.50 to get someone to download a free game shouldn’t be that hard. Or is it? Since my following was derived from people who already have the game installed and then used my code to make their first deposit this was a new challenge for me. The biggest month I had with the Skillz affiliate program was $1,588 so I kind of figured it out. However, I’ve been on the decline ever since that month. It’s tough to get those who install to make their deposits. I get over 100 installs per month which leads to $200 in guaranteed income from the program. Enticing them to deposit is a whole new game. One that can only be achieved by hosting your own private tournaments.

Hosting Private Skillz Tournaments

In order to sign up to host your own tournaments you’re going to have to create a Twitch or YouTube channel. Once you’ve done that you can create a Skillz account. Unfortunately, right now it’s closed, because people are using it to commit fraud. But, for now, you can piggy back off of my Skillz match codes. Just give those codes to your community that you build on YouTube.

Creating a website to go with your channel will help you grow even quicker. You can create a website and get hosting from Bluehost. Something to keep in mind when you’re going through this process is knowing that everything I’m teaching you can be used to teach someone else. With the commissions you’ll earn from the affiliate programs I’m going to tell you about you’ll be able to “freeroll” this upfront cost by doing exactly what I’m doing in this post.

Feeling overwhelmed? I was too, but just taking it one day at a time and you’ll be well on your way. There’s also a free Udemy course on how to build a website AND make $5,000/month by building 10 websites.

YouTube Operations Manuals for Sale

The last time I uploaded 30 videos in 30 days on YouTube I put together operations manuals for each step. Purchase those files here.

Your journey begins here. If you want to jumpstart your career and have structure to your YouTube and website success I suggest you purchase my YouTube operations manuals. You’ll get your money back and much more if you use them correctly. These will save you years of Googling answers. I wish I had this blog post when I started. I’d be way ahead of the curve for sure.

List of All Equipment I Use Today:

I wouldn’t know what I know now if it weren’t for my Audible subscription. Try Audible and get 2 free books on me! Now let me share my Audible list with you.

List of Audio Books I’ve Listened to on Audible

All these books can be found on Audible. Get 2 free audio books!

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